Tank Wars General Updates | April 15, 2022

🕹️ Super Factory Feature — Tank Cloning!

🕹️ Free-to-Play Mode New UI & Evaluation

🕹️ New Features Incoming!

🕹️ Next Wallet Integration — Twitter Poll

🕹️ Most Desired Feature — Twitter Poll

🪙 Over 1 Million WBOND Distributed for Alpha Test Winners

🪙 WBOND & TGOLD Utilities

🪙 Top 10 NFT Ranking by Trade Volume on Fantom

🪙 Become one of “Most Engagement Fantom’s Projects” on LunarCrush

🤝 Amazing Incentive Program from Fantom Foundation

🤝 Video AMA in English and Japanese

🤝 BitKeep Wallet Now Supports Tank Wars Zone



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