Tank Wars Super Factory

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2 min readApr 14, 2022


Dear Tank Wars Fam,

🎇 We’re happy to reveal “Super Factory,” a brand-new feature that’s currently in development and will be available soon!

🤖 With Super Factory, each Genesis tank will be able to clone up to 7 Generation 2 (GenX) tanks!

🌌 GenX Tanks will not have Rarity like Genesis generation but they will inherit the same class and galaxy as the cloning Genesis ones.

🕹️ Additionally, GenX tanks can only be used to play games and trade on the marketplace, and they cannot be used to clone future generations.

🛠️ Pieces from older and existing sets will be mixed in with new parts as part of the cloning process. For example, there’s a 4% chance of getting a new weapon part, a 7% chance of getting a flag, and a 15% chance of getting new miscellaneous accessories.

⏰ It takes 7 days from the beginning of the clone until the release of a new GenX tank. During this 7-day period, the tank, displayed as a box, is under construction but can still be sold in the marketplace.

💰 Both TGOLD & WBOND are required to clone GenX tanks. Nevertheless, they will be sold and traded with TGOLD only.

🔥 All TGOLD collected from tank cloning will be burned.

🪙 TGOLD + WBOND costs to clone tank will be determined when the feature is released.

*Please note that these TGOLD and WBOND numbers can be adjusted to suit market conditions.

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