Tank Wars Renting System (Scholarship)

Tank Wars Zone
2 min readMay 23, 2022

Dear Tank Wars Family,

As promised, from now on, you can rent out your tanks to others to join and play the game. With this exciting feature, you can also set your desired profit sharing ratio to earn passive income from the playing time of your rentees.

We have created the following tutorial video so you can quickly navigate and use this new feature.

In short, after connecting your wallet, you can go to Tank Wars Marketplace ➡️ My Inventory and click on your tanks to see the “Rent out” option.

For now, you will need the receiving wallet of whoever wants to rent your tanks. Please also prepare some small FTMs for gas fees.

The process should be straightforward and if you have any questions, our moderators on Telegram and Discord would be happy to assist you.

We are building Tank Wars Zone every day & we can’t wait to add more features and improve many aspects of the game to make it even more fun and enjoyable for you.

As always, thank you for believing in us. We will continue to deliver results and we look forward to your feedback. More updates and upgrades are on the way!