Tank Wars General Updates | May 31, 2022

Tank Wars Zone
4 min readMay 31, 2022

Dear Tank Wars Family,

We are excited about all of the progress we’ve made but we still have a lot to do in order to create a profitable and exciting play-to-earn project for our community.

Most importantly, we want to continue to say thank you to you — our soldiers. Our community is core to everything we do. Your feedback, your support, and your interest for our tank world, are what motivate us.

We are dedicated to building the best product and community for the long-term and will share more exciting news in the coming weeks and months as we continue to grow together.

If you’re just learning about Tank Wars Zone, here are a few resources to get you started. Make sure to join our official channels for our latest updates, review our detailed documentation for a deep dive into Tank Wars Zone, and make sure to follow us on Twitter for daily updates.

🕹️ Renting System (Scholarship) is LIVE!!

From now on, you can rent out your tanks to earn passive income.

Check out the YouTube Tutorial to use this new feature: https://youtu.be/_SU4HcNFi_Y

We also increase the maximum withdrawal limit to 5000 TGOLD per claim!

For details, please read:

💰 Also, we are running a week-long Twitter campaign until June 6, 2022 with a 5000 WBOND reward ‼️

➡️ https://twitter.com/TankWarsZone/status/1531157116483907584?s=20&t=GZFy-BjyIgic74cLdWGiqQ

After our renting system is released, the following features will be live in the near future.

· Tank Cloning

· Mobile Version

· Tank Renting on Marketplace

· A big update with PvE to battle with real players, not just bots

🕹️ Mobile App is the most anticipated feature — Twitter Poll

Although Renting system is our latest update, from the Twitter poll, Mobile App is the feature that the Tank Wars community expected most with 28.4% in favor.

🕹️ Flying Tank Concepts for OKC

In Tank Wars Zone, each Tank can have unique interesting features and each has its own strengths and weaknesses that give it varying levels of combat ability and even aesthetic qualities. We will have flying tank concepts for our OKC deployment.

🕹️ VR in Tank Wars City

Waiting for the VR with Tank Wars Zone: https://twitter.com/TankWarsZone/status/1526904634664624129

Exploring a productive day at Tank Wars Zone: https://twitter.com/TankWarsZone/status/1526785909663813632

🪙 The Achievements Achieved in this bi-weekly

Tank Wars Zone is one of the top trending NFT games, getting significant number of smart contract users on Fantom Opera, most Traded NFTs On Tofu NFT on Fantom Opera, and being one of the newcomers to Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight.

Tank Wars Zone always shoots for the stars by continuously strengthen our project. It is with our utmost appreciation to integrate and build on a L1 blockchain like Fantom to make our ambitions become a reality.

Thank you for reading and see you in our next bi-weekly updates!