Tank Wars General Updates | June 30, 2022

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4 min readJun 30, 2022

Another milestone in our development as we have released our Tank Wars Season 2 features this June 2022.

🕹️Go try it at: https://play.tankwars.zone/

We’ve learned so much and we are grateful to the community members who helped us along the way. It was extremely heartening to see members banding together towards improving the game.

We at Tank War Zone deeply appreciate all the responses and suggestions given and we would like to share what we have achieved over the past 2 weeks.

🕹️ Tank Wars Zone Season 2 RELEASED!!

We have added several exciting new features to Tank Wars, which we hope will greatly enhance our players’ gaming experience.

Let’s explore some of our major changes:

· Remove free buffs

· Practice Mode

· Fix Tank using $TGOLD (not just from rewards)

· #PvP Mode (#PvE but with Real Players, Real-time battles relabeled as #MOBA mode)

With Season 2, the origin of your tanks will have bonus or minus effects on your tank abilities when battling different opponents from other galaxies.

Battle Maps will now have environmental effects on tank abilities

Your Tank Damage or Defense stats will now increase or decrease based on where you battle.

New weapons released!

There are also other features in the work such as:

· Tank Cloning

· Single Staking of WBOND & TGOLD

· Mobile versions

· Rent Marketplace

· Moba mode

· etc.

🕹️ Tank design contest

Tank Design Contest is about to end, we will announce the winner as soon as the results are available.

2 Winners based on the number of votes

· 1st Prize: $10,000 $WBOND

· 2nd Prize: $5,000 $WBOND

🏆 Community Tournament organized by @bravenoob21 ✨

One of our most active members @bravenoob21 has made an initiative to organize the first-ever PvP tournament!

Our team and parent company Fiberblock have also contributed to the reward pool! May the strongest win!

📽️ Tank Wars on Fantom Panel at Consensus 2022 Video

Let’s watch the entire CoinDesk Consensus 2022 Foundations: Fantom recap!

Featuring Tank Wars CoFounder Pete Ho and other Fantom Builders 🌟

📈 The numbers speak for themselves!

From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank you for your love.

These things are a great motivation for us to continue to grow Tank Wars Zone during a volatile market.

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Thank you for reading and see you in our next bi-weekly updates!