Tank Wars General Update | July 2022

Dear Tank Wars Fam,

July 2022 marked a very special moment for our team when both the CMO and CTO of Fantom visited our office in Vietnam. We were incredibly honored and delighted to welcome Simone & Quan and shared with our guests what we have been building on Fantom with Tank Wars Zone and other projects.

Fantom CMO & CTO Visited Tank Wars Office

To mark this significant highlight in our journey with Fantom, we also launched a Twitter campaign to amplify this great news to the community. The deadline is August 15. You can check it out at:

MOBA Mode in The Works

As you can see, we are working on the MOBA mode for Tank Wars, and we’re very excited to release it for your enjoyment when the development is completed.

You can check our MOBA Demo video as follows:

In short, it will be much more fun and exciting than the current turn-based battle system as you can control your tanks' movement and fire different weapons at your opponents.

Single Staking of WBOND & TGOLD Released!

After much anticipation and requests from our members, we’ve finally released Single staking of WBOND and TGOLD so you can get your hard-earned tokens to work and earn the yields passively.

Check it out at https://dex.tankwars.zone/stake

Tank Tournament #1 and #2

Organized by @bravenoob21, another valued community member, the first tank tournament was great fun and success, with @wolfcorgi1 becoming the worthy champion.

The 2nd tournament is underway, and we should find the winner soon. Once again, Wolfcorgi1 is in the top place. Can anyone defeat him?

Tank Design Contest

Let’s also check out the 1st prize of our Tank Design Contest by Bita, an active member of our Discord community!

Isn’t it cool? We were pleasantly surprised and happy to see the creative designs of our members.

Featured on different Fantom News Channels

We’re always so thankful for being featured and mentioned on different news channels, and we will keep working and building to improve the project!



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