Tank Wars General Update | August 2022

Tank Wars Zone
4 min readAug 31, 2022

Dear Tank Wars Fam,

Another great month of development for Tank Wars. Let’s find out!

Tank Cloning

We are super excited to release the latest feature of our project: Tank Cloning ‼️

With Tank Cloning, you can now create a new generation of tanks called GenX Tanks.

✅ Some key benefits of cloning your tanks are:

  • If you have weak tanks, there is a possibility that a GenX tank will be stronger than your original ones.
  • You may also receive an Immortal special body part through cloning that will permanently increase your tank’s power.
  • You can shorten your ROI. By getting more tanks, you can rent them out to earn more passive income or sell them in the marketplace.

More details in our medium article: https://tankwarszone.medium.com/tank-cloning-feature-released-5134cc3ea787

Tracker Dashboard for Tank Managers

We developed a tracking dashboard for our players, especially tank managers from our gaming guild partners, who want to keep track of their scholars’ performance.

✨ You can check it out at: https://tracker.tankwars.zone/

Repair System Reconfigured

One of the concerns raised by our gaming guild partners and also from our latest feedback survey is the need to reconfigure the repair system to bring greater benefits to our players.

📢 Thus from now on, you only need to repair your tanks once per week.

With each tank, you can play max 5 matches each day as usual. And you only need to repair the tanks after 35 matches (7 days x 5 matches) for a 245 TGOLD fee.

We hope this approach will reduce repair costs and will increase better returns for our valued users.

MOBA Gameplay Mode Shaping Up

💥 Are you excited? 👀

Our #MOBA gameplay mode is shaping up nicely 🚀

Tank Wars Character Design Contest

After the success of Tank Design Contest, we’re excited to organize #TankWars Character Design Contest !

🏆 3 Winners based on the number of votes

🥇 1st Prize: 15,000 $WBOND + Character Used in the game

🥈 2nd: 10,000 $WBOND

🥉 3rd: 5,000 $WBOND

⏰ September 30, 2022

We will open the submission until September 20 on Discord.

The voting will start on Sept 21 and end on Sept 30.

Good luck everyone!🍀

Business Partnership with Kapital Dao

We’re excited to partner with @KapitalDAO

Kapital DAO is a service provider for web3 gaming communities (guild asset management) and a gaming guild.

For our #TankWars partner guilds and tank managers, you can check them out at https://kapital.gg

Twitter Campaign Winner

We have finally found the winner of our Twitter campaign, which aims to mark a significant highlight in our journey with@FantomFDN.

Project Feedback Form

Throughout our development, we have carefully considered community feedback & your suggestions have been incredibly valuable for our project.

Please check our feedback form, as we’d love to hear more about your thoughts & ideas on how we can improve.

Featured on different Fantom News Channels

We’re always so thankful for being featured and mentioned on different news channels, and we will keep working and building to improve the project!

📻 Please stay tuned to our official news channels such as Twitter, Discord, and Telegram to get the latest updates:

Socials: https://linktr.ee/tankwarszone/

Website: https://tankwars.zone/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TankWarsZone

Telegram: https://t.me/TankWarsZone

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/U3XzEdBQmd