Tank Wars at Consensus 2022

Tank Wars Zone
3 min readJun 13, 2022


Dear Tank Wars Fam,

It has been an incredibly proud moment for our team, seeing our Cofounder Pete representing Tank Wars Zone, speaking about Fantom ecosystem, and sharing ideas about our project & the upcoming plans for the future.

In his speech, Pete explained how we started and what Tank Wars was about. Essentially, it is a tank battle game that offers gamers more opportunities to monetize their time and passion. From the start, we envision it to further transform the global gaming industry in the blockchain era.

For Tank Wars Zone, we are fortunate to have raised $2,370,000 from more than 30 Seed and Private investors and VCs, most notably from the Fantom Foundation team, who has been incredibly supportive of our project since our very beginning.

In January and February 2022, we’re very thankful that our IDO and INO of 10,000 NFTs were all sold out on our partners’ launchpads and our game marketplace. After that, our Alpha testing, Free-to-Play mode, and the official P2E PvE of the game were launched in March, and recently we released the renting system in May.

We’re excited to share that so far, our gamers’ base has been quite diverse, coming from 95 countries, and more than 1 million P2E matches have been played since our launch two months ago. Total playing time has surpassed more than 4.5 years, and the number has been growing.

In our development roadmap, we will soon release tank cloning (similar to breeding), mobile versions, Season 2 features with improved UI, gameplay modes, PvP, metaverse expansion, etc.

So a lot of features are currently in development. The most anticipated upgrade that, for now, we really want to bring to our users later in the year is the MOBA mode. While PvE and PvP adopt the idle gameplay where players take turns firing at each other, the MOBA mode will allow players to move freely on the map and fire different weapons at other opponents. We believe it will be much more exciting and enjoyable for our players to experience.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the Tank Wars Metaverse will evolve to include more social activities besides gaming, such as hosting and promoting events, concerts, musicals, virtual real estate businesses, custom buildings, advertising, etc.

We call it Tank Wars Paraverse, which is the combination of the metaverse and a parallel world.

In-Tank Wars virtual universe, we envision not only users can enjoy playing games, but they also can create, build virtual assets, battle and earn rewards that can be used in the physical world.

The more you participate, the more you can earn. This results in a thriving chain reaction. While being active adds value to yourself, it also adds value to other players, developers, and everyone else participating in the Tank Wars ecosystem, contributing to the development and evolution of the Paraverse.

Tank Wars Paraverse will have 20,000 pieces of land that the community will eventually own as NFTs, and users can build different types of buildings on these virtual estates. In addition, we plan to have seven different galaxies, which are other blockchains connecting to the Paraverse, Fantom being the Genesis galaxy and the most important one.

In addition, one of our visions of Tank Wars Metaverse is to make this project not only a game but also a platform for user-generated assets and content. We will provide APIs and SDKs, allowing users to build their own designs and other in-game assets like items, decorations, and more in the Garage, or even their own tank design in the Factory. If a player is an excellent designer and developer, they can earn money by selling their models and creations in our game marketplace.

As a result, we wish to provide these options to our players and users to make Tank Wars even more interesting, engaging, and immersive.

We are truly honored and humbled to speak about our project at Consensus 2022, which was a highly rewarding experience and a fantastic opportunity for us to share and discuss ideas with fellow Fantom ecosystem builders and partners.

Let’s keep building!

For more information, you can also get the latest updates from our official resources:

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