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3 min readFeb 16


Dear Tank Wars Fam,

Tank Wars Zone proudly announces our new partnership with SAKURA GUILD GAMES!

Sakura Guild Game, a guild founded by Japanese people, work hard to steadily achieve their goals of making people’s smiles bloom around the world through blockchain games with sincerity and patience. With Sakura Guild Games on our side, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and delivering the best possible gaming experience to our fans. We are thrilled to collaborate with such a talented and respected team.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our fans for their continued support and loyalty. This partnership would not be possible without you, and we are excited to share more details with you soon.

As we believe Tank Wars and Sakura Guild Games share common values, we are confident that this partnership will help us become a gaming community that is trusted and loved by everyone.

About Sakura Guild Games,

In recent years, it has become possible to earn (Play and Earn) through blockchain games, and while there are employment problems worldwide, this way of earning allows everyone to enrich their lives with just a PC or smartphone. The introduction of the scholarship system has accelerated this play and earn. Until now, the barrier to entry for blockchain games was high, and the number of people who could play and earn was limited. With the introduction of the scholarship system, this hurdle has been removed, and everyone can now play and earn through the scholarship system. Sakura Guild Games was founded to help everyone around the world become enriched and smile more.

About Tank Wars Zone,

Tank Wars Zone is an exciting Web3 tank battle game with a variety of gameplay modes to choose from, including Free-to-Play, PvE, PvP, and MOBA currently in the works. The game also includes various battle mechanics and special features, such as the renting system, cloning, mobile compatibility, etc., for players to explore and enjoy. It has received investments from the Fantom Foundation and many prestigious VCs, and it is one of the first blockchain games on Fantom, ensuring that players can enjoy the benefits of low transaction fees and rapid confirmation times.

You can click here to discover how to play Tank Wars Zone: https://youtu.be/znAx4b4CjPM

Stay tuned for updates and get ready to take your gaming to the next level with Tank Wars and Sakura Guild Games!

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