Join the Battle! Tank Wars Zone MOBA UAT Test 1 Release

Tank Wars Zone
2 min readJun 2, 2023



Calling all gamers and battle enthusiasts! Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of Tank Wars Zone as the highly anticipated UAT Test 1 is now available. This release marks a significant milestone in the game’s development, offering players the chance to experience the exciting gameplay and provide valuable feedback. So, gear up, grab your tanks, and prepare for an epic adventure!

Unleash Your Gaming Prowess:

Tank Wars Zone MOBA UAT Test 1 is an invitation to showcase your gaming prowess like never before. Step onto the battlefield and engage in intense tank battles, where strategy, teamwork, and skill are the keys to victory. With a wide range of tanks to choose from, each with unique abilities and playstyles, you have the opportunity to find your perfect battle companion.

What to Expect:

The new MOBA gameplay of Tank Wars Zone will enable players to move their tanks freely around the battlefield and fire various weapons at their adversaries. This immersive experience is a departure from the previous turn-based gameplay, where players had to match elements in a Candy Crush-style game to perform actions. This change significantly alters the pace and style of the game, making it a more thrilling experience for both veterans and newcomers alike.

Your Feedback Matters:

Tank Wars Zone developers value your input, as it plays a crucial role in refining the game and ensuring an exceptional gaming experience for all. During UAT Test 1, take note of gameplay mechanics, hero balance, level design, user interface, and any bugs or technical issues you may come across. Your feedback will help shape the game’s direction, ensuring it becomes a true gem in the world of online gaming.

Join the Tank Wars Zone Community:

Beyond the exhilarating battles, the Tank Wars Zone community offers a vibrant and supportive environment. Engage with fellow gamers, share strategies, and exchange tips and tricks to elevate your gameplay. The community’s involvement is instrumental in fostering a strong and united player base, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Tank Wars Zone MOBA UAT Test 1 release is a thrilling opportunity for gamers to experience the world of tank battles, showcase their skills, and contribute to the game’s development. Engage in strategic battles, share your valued feedback, and become an integral part of the Tank Wars Zone community. So, rally your friends, sharpen your tactics, and join the battle today!

Remember, your feedback matters, and together, we can shape the ultimate gaming experience in Tank Wars Zone.

Happy battling!