Don't Look Up! — Tank Wars Minigame

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4 min readApr 21, 2022


Dear Tank Wars Fam,

Besides our main development for the game such as lending system, staking, mobile conversion, etc., our team has also been running some side projects that we are excited to add to Tank Wars ecosystem. Here is our latest add-on which is a Doomsday minigame, “Don’t Look Up!” (thanks Netflix for the inspiration).

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“Don’t Look Up!” is divided into 2 Phases:

Phase 1: Finding Asteroids

💠 Players connect to Metamask and use TGOLD on Fantom chain to start playing the game.

🔍 Players find asteroids by spending 500 TGOLD for each attempt.

  • The discovery chance starts at 0.5% and will increase by 0.5% per try.
  • The maximum chance is not greater than 20% for all players combined.

💰 When a player successfully locates an asteroid, he/she will receive up to 30% of the Total Reward of the game after the game ends.

  • The prize will drop in proportion to the likelihood of discovering an asteroid. The greater the chance, the lower the payout.
  • Phase 1 Reward rate = (100% - Discovery chance) * 30% Total Reward
  • For example, if the finding chance is 10% at the time of discovery, then the player who found the asteroid would get 90% of the 30% Total Reward.
  • The remaining % will be used to cover service costs.

✅ Phase 1 concludes with the successful discovery of an asteroid and a room will open so everyone can join to shoot it, including the finder (room host).

🏦 All of the TGOLD spent finding the asteroid will be transferred to the Reward Pool for Phase 2.

Phase 2: Shooting Asteroids

⏳ Phase 2 starts with a randomly timed collision countdown.

☄️ The asteroid is moving towards the Earth rapidly and players will need to buy missiles to shoot it down. By shooting, everyone will contribute time to delay the impact.

🚀 Depending on the weapon types, each fire will lengthen a certain amount of time it takes for the asteroid to collide. There are 3 types of weapons that players can use by spending TGOLD:

  • Thunder Rocket: 500 TGOLD, +1s
  • Ultimate Rocket: 300 TGOLD,+5s
  • Normal Rocket: 100 TGOLD, +10s

🌏 The game can end in 2 ways:

  • The countdown is over and the asteroid hits the Earth.
  • The asteroid is destroyed by our missiles.

💥 The asteroid does not have health points. We will destroy it by increasing the explosion chance.

💥 The chance to bust the asteroid is 0.01% initially and will increase by 0.01% with each blast. The maximum chance is also capped at 20% for all players combined.

💰 Regardless of how the game finishes, the last 3 transactions shooting at the asteroid are the winners and they will collect up to 70% of the Total Reward.

  • If those 3 transactions are made by one player, he/she will take all of the rewards.
  • Similarly in Phase 1, the reward amount will be reduced based on the likelihood of destroying the asteroid. The greater the chance, the lower the reward.
  • Phase 2 Reward rate = (100% - Explosion chance) * 70% Total Reward
  • For example, if the explosion chance is 20%, then the winners would get 80% of the 70% Total Reward.
  • The remaining % will become the service fee.

🏆 Phase 2 rewards will be divided among the winners as follows:

  • 🥇 65% (the last transaction)
  • 🥈 20% (the 2nd to last)
  • 🥉 15% (the 3rd to last)

🔥 All of the TGOLD collected as service fees will be burned.

Please note:

Currently, we only have 1 TGOLD reward pool open, thus once the asteroid is discovered, it will not be found again until the game is completed.

“'Don’t Look Up!” is a fully decentralized minigame with all of the game mechanics and algorithms on smart contracts, so there may be some lags or delays while playing due to blockchain traffic conditions.

After the game ends, winners can wait for the blockchain sync and claim the prizes immediately. If players accidentally close the browser, they can still go back and receive their rewards through the claiming portal.