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Did you miss our Discord Voice AMA with our Tank Wars Zone team? The ten best questions have been listed out for you as below. A very big thank for those who spent time attending the event.

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Hosted by Temix, Tank Wars Zone Discord Moderator

Tank Wars Zone team:

· Paul Nguyen, Co-Founder

· Andy Hoang, Head of Business Development & CMO

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Question 1 — DC20:

What would make TankWars unique in the Metaverse games and what incentives will the users have to make sure that they will join and continue to play even in the bad times of the market (if Bear market comes)?

  • We have tweeted this picture on our Twitter about of vision of the Tank Wars Metaverse in which players besides playing the game, can actually create various in-game assets such as items, decorations, etc. in Garage/Depot, or even their own tank design in Manufacturer, etc.
  • To build Garage or Manufacturer requires land which you can purchase or acquire by fighting monsters roaming on these land plots.
  • So one of our visions is to make this game into a platform for user-generated assets, we will provide APIs and SDKs and the players will have the freedom to create their own designs, that would personalize each tank, each item. If you are a good designer and creator, you can even make money by selling your masterpieces in our game marketplace.
  • So we want to give our players these options to make the gameplay even more exciting and more fun.
  • Imagine if you can have your own designed tank in a battle with others, as players ourselves, we would be thrilled to see that.

Question 2 — Dienmay:

To develop a project, the first priority is to have enough capital. Does your team have enough funds to carry out this project? How does your project make a profit?

  • We are fortunate in this regard because the founding team is somewhat already financially sound when we started this project. Our founding team members, as I mentioned, are the first community validator on Fantom Network, only after the founding ones. So you guys can see Fantom at the moment is usually in the Top 40 on CoinMarketCap. That journey actually has given our founders incredible amount of knowledge, experiences, and also in capital returns.
  • We are currently also the most staked validators on Fuse network, we have around 7 million tokens staked at the moment.
  • So operating these validators generates adequate income for us to run the project, also the capital investments from our VCs also help us tremendously in sustaining the project and building our vision.
  • When launching the game, we will also generate income by the marketplace fees, revenue from minting NFTs of our game, etc.

Question 3 — Maxim 6k:

Marketing and partnership are really crucial to any projects because it reinforces and spread the incredibility of that project. Can you list several well-known partners? What will you execute to keep long-term holders as well as investors?

  • We have around 30 VCs committed to our projects which we are really thankful for. The most important one probably is the Fantom Foundation who has been supporting us since the very beginning. Being one of the first blockchain games on Fantom and being backed by the Foundation is a huge deal for us. Other big ones are DFG, HyperChain Capital, Newave Capital, ZBS Capital, LD Capital, Prometeus Labs. For more details, you can also check our website www.tankwars.zone in the Investors & Partners section.
  • Our objective is to build an affordable, fun, and exciting blockchain game for our users while also creating a functional economy within our game to keep and increase our coin values. As long as our investors understand our vision that we are here for the long term, not just a cash grab or rug pull, and see what we can do and offer to them and our communities, our internal values will keep the partnership more lasting.

Question 4 — StarlitAs:

SECURITY is always mentioned in any project, so how will you protect the risk of losing money or leaking information?

  • We use smart contracts in a lot of aspects of our game. Also, we have Verichains, the one who audited Axie Infinity, they also did the audit for our smart contracts and also one of our investors as well, supporting and ensuring the high security of our project.

Question 5 — Liacori:

Most investors only focus on the short-term price of the token instead of the actual value of the project. So what are the benefits for long-term investors?

  • We have a lot of features and additional content in our pipeline, such as various gameplay modes, PvE, PvP, World Boss battles, Guild Wars, Tank Championship, Battle Royale, etc. other special features such as Garage/Depot, Manufacturers, lending mechanics, etc. So it’s not going to be an all-in-one package at launch but these exciting gameplays and features will be added over time regularly to ensure the players are attracted to our game and also to keep the entertainment values always high.
  • With each major update, we expect positive influences on our token price.

Question 6 — Linhlola:

Many new projects initially developed well but were suddenly abandoned. How will you manage the project to maintain your position in the market and become a good project in the blockchain world?

  • We are fortunate to be one of the first games on Fantom so as first movers, we want to act and capitalize on this opportunity and expand from there. But more importantly, given our background as Fantom validators and being supported by the Fantom Foundation, we are always thankful and want to add more value to the Fantom ecosystem's growth and development with our project.
  • We have gathered a team with a strong background in terms of blockchain and gaming development and designs, our roadmap is pretty clear of what we want to do and offer to our players so we will always maintain that track and listen to our communities, investors to provide enjoyable and profitable gaming experiences to our users.

Question 7 — thaitung :

What are your long-term goals and vision? To achieve the highest efficiency of the set goals, what is your roadmap in the coming time, what are the goals that you will focus on developing this year?

  • You can check our roadmap on our websites. But basically we can go over a few milestones in the upcoming months: IDO, INO, IGO will be all in Q1. As you may have known, our IDO will be in the next two weeks from Jan 18-Jan 22 across multiple venues.
  • After that we would focus more on the gameplays, adding more modes and features as mentioned to make the game more fun, more exciting.

Question 8 — wolfcorgii:

What operating system will the beta launch be compatible with? Example: iOS? Android? PC only?

  • Initially, the game will be on Web, using WebGL. We use Unity for our game engine, so it shouldn’t be a problem later on exporting the game to other platforms such as iOS, Android, PC and MacOC. As the majority of gamers nowadays are on mobile, we definitely release the mobile version for our game in the future.

Lastly, what is the connection with the game designers and the deep knowledge of tank warfare? The weapons details, ideas for tank repairs, and tank body designs look very well researched.

  • Our team has built several tank games before so it’s something that we are well versed in and actually our main inspiration for Tank Wars Zone came from a very old, childhood game named Battle City.
  • Maybe you guys can recognize it, we used to spend a lot of time playing this tank game with our friends back then. So this is also a nod to the nostalgia of our childhood.

Question 9 — sachin961:

My question The question is: “Currently, Which one is most important for you? 1) Community. 2) Investors. 3) Token Price And why?”

  • Currently the most important for us is the community. We are very thankful for your presence and support of our project and we love listening to your feedback. In the end, what is a game without players? The community is one of the most important aspects of our GameFi project. We can’t wait to let you try out our demo. We will launch another campaign soon for our INO and we would love that you guys will be our first Beta testers.

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