Best Tank Wars Zone tips to stay undefeated in 2023

Tank Wars Zone
2 min readMar 11, 2023
  1. Start your game at the bottom. When you create matches near the bottom of the level, you can easily create chain reactions to destroy more pieces and get a bunch of points. Creating matches at the top is unlikely to have this effect.

2. Try to think ahead when possible. If you just make every match you can see without thinking, you’ll fail the harder levels. Look at how the weapons are laid out and think about the moves you can make to create a situation where you can make a magic rocket or other threats.

3. Learn how to make, and use magic rockets. Matching three same weapons together only clears those weapons, but matching four or five creates a magic weapon. These special weapons are the key to unlocking more power.

4. Crossfire Strategy: Hit a vertical Magic Rocket with a horizontal one to maximize your shot coverage and get those sweet victories! (From Tank fam: wolfcorgi)