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Did you miss the AMA of Crypto Daku Robinhooders and Tank Wars Zone? The eight best questions have been listed out for you as below. A very big thank for those who spent time to attend the event.

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Hosted by Daku Saurabh and Crypto Daku Robinhooders, which is one of crypto’s fastest-growing Telegram communities.

Tank Wars Zone team:

· Pete Ho, Co-Founder & CEO of Tank Wars Zone

· Paul Nguyen, Co-Founder & COO

· Lawson Thai, Strategic Technical Advisor

· Andy Hoang, Head of Business Development & CMO

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Q1: How you started in crypto? What were your worst and best?

A1: The founding team of Tank Wars Zone, Pete, Paul & Lawson have been in the crypto market since very early mining Bitcoin back in 2013 and especially in 2019, they became the first community validator on Fantom Network, only after the founding ones.

Currently, we are also the most staked validator on Fuse Network, with around 7 million tokens staked.

In terms of gaming development, everything that you’ve seen, our demos, graphics, etc. are all developed in-house by experienced and veteran game designers & developers, one of our game designers is from Gameloft VN.

Q2: Can you tell us all more about your project, the idea and how it started?

A2: So the idea for this tank game actually came from our childhood game named Battle City, on NES. We actually have a lot of memories from that game so it inspired us to create something like that in the blockchain space.

Q3: What are the problems you are trying to solve? Why do you think those are the problems? And what are your solutions?

A3: Well, there are several problems we want to address:

- Firstly, it is the low cost entry barrier. We want to provide exciting game experiences to our players while not requiring them to pay a lot of money to play the game, especially for those in developing countries.

- Secondly is the gameplay itself. We will offer various gameplay modes such as PvE, PvP, Guild Wars, Tank Championship, Battle Royale, etc., and several special features such as lending mechanics, garage, to make the game much more exciting.

- One of our challenges is making it a real 3D game with a vast combination of tanks. We are using AI to generate these models as well as for other development in the game.

Q4: Can you tell us more about tokenomics and token utility?

A4: We have two main tokens in our game:

- The first one is WBOND, the War Bond Token, which is the utility and governance token and will be capped at 1 billion. You can earn WBOND by trading NFTs, staking or through Special Events. Furthermore, you can use it for voting, trading NFTs, staking or upgrading.

- The second token is TGOLD, the Tank Gold Token, which is our in-game currency and its total supply is not predefined. You can earn TGOLD just by playing the game, farming or trading NFTs. Besides, you can use it to repair, upgrade tanks or to trade NFTs as well.

Q5: Can you tell us about the market pie you are trying to conquer, your competitors and your SWOT analysis for your offerings?

A5: Actually at Genesis we will launch our game on Fantom in which there is not a lot of blockchain games at the moment. We want to be one of the first movers and capitalize in this space. Fortunately, we are also supported by the Fantom Foundation and they also invested in our project, which we are very grateful of. We will go multi-chain later on on BSC and other major networks.

In terms of SWOT, we actually have very strong background in both blockchain and gaming development as well as having the strong support from the Fantom Foundation as mentioned and the VCs that we are partnering up.

Right now, we may need to hire more talents to expand the team to quickly deliver enjoyable gaming experiences to our players. Other than that, we are pretty on track with our project roadmap.

Q6: Can you tell community about the TGE ?

A6: We plan to do our IDO around mid-January 2022, TGE would be just a bit after that. We can’t wait to show you and everyone what Tank Wars Zone can offer.

Moreover, we have several special features in the pipeline that would make the gameplay more exciting for you all.

Q7: What are your next 100-day-plan, regarding the tech wise, business development wise and user acquisition wise?

A7: So for tech wise, right now the first demo is already functional and in internal testing. We are just tweaking to make it more complete for the early Q1 2022 launch, also our NFT marketplace is also in late stage of development.

Regarding business development, we are both oversubscribed at the moment on seed and private by millions which we are very thankful of.

In terms of user acquisition, we are doing prelaunch marketing by announcing partnerships, doing AMAs, get the word out there, increase our presence on social medias. We plan to really push the marketing after New Year around 2 weeks before our IDO in mid of January.

Last but not least, the assistance from our VCs and partners will help us in expanding the marketing of the game in different regions, communities, KOLs, etc. We have connected with various partners from South East Asia, China, Europe, America, Middle East, etc.

Q8: The last question: Why everyone should look into Tank Wars Zone?

A8: So if you look for an affordable, fun and visually exciting blockchain tank battle, maybe you will have a love at first sight moment with Tank Wars Zone.

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